A solo exhibition from: Clayton Davis 
Open Space Gallery in SUNY Oneonta
Reception: Thursday, Nov 9, 4-6 pm 
On View: October 17-November 11, 2023 
Gallery Hours: Tuesday-Saturday, 11am-4pm 108 
Ravine Parkway Oneonta, NY 13820
Vestiges, a solo exhibition by Clayton Davis (SUNY Oneonta ’24), is a show about the disintegration we all experience throughout our lifetimes, be it through the decay of relationships with family and friends, a fading memory, or the slow degradation of a rock turning to sand. These experiences can be found everywhere in the known universe and it’s important to not only realize this, but to celebrate it. Through his work, Davis hopes to show viewers personal and public examples of these inevitable occurrences so they can slowly begin to accept them and understand their inherent beauty and relation to our shared human experience. From a painting of a fading memory of a childhood home to photographs of old barns that are slowly falling down through disuse, he shows the mental, emotional, and physical sides of this quotidian phenomenon.

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