Fine Art Banners

I took Advanced Graphic Design with Associate Professor Katherine Spitzhoff, and the final project required us to get a client and work with them through the process of creating a product. Professor Spitzhoff approached me with SUNY Oneonta as a client to design the banners outside the Fine Arts Center. The old ones were getting weathered, so I created the new banners through a lot of back-and-forth with the school.
One of the biggest things that was a help to me personally was that back-and-forth with SUNY Oneonta. I received a great learning experience from this project by making a final product everyone was happy with.
For my design process, I noticed that the old banners weren’t necessarily anything that would distract people as they walked by the Fine Arts Center. My goal was to create the brightest and largest design possible so people would walk by and get a taste of what our art program is like here. I decided to go with the colors of the rainbow because they stick out to people, and those colors relate to how the school can be more inclusive – and that relates to my work a lot. There is also an art piece that I’m working on now with lines and abstract shapes that will go into the gallery eventually, and I was able to turn part of that design into the banners that hang up on the wall now.

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